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Dave Bott

Dave Bott: Drums and Percussion

A drummer/percussionist for over 40 years, Dave started playing drums at the tender age of 8 – landing his first gig at age 12 and going strong ever since!

 Drumming his way through the developing years of rock, classic rock & disco, he has been fortunate enough to work with legends such as “Steppenwolf”, “Foghat” & “Grank Funk Railroad”. Dave eventually returned to his early rock roots when he became the backbeat of “70’s Flashback”.

 Dave loves taking the stage, both as a drummer & even occasionally in community theatre, and truly enjoys every day to the fullest. “We’re here for a good time, not a long time”!

 Do YOU know Dave Bott??!!?

Check out Dave's awesome 2018 DRUM SOLO right here!!! 

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Tim Malchitsky

Tim Malchitsky: Acoustic & Electric Guitar and Vocals

Tim grew up listening to 60’s and 70’s music by inheriting his sister’s record collection of

The Beatles, Bob Dylan, CSN, Sly Stone, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, Doobie Brothers, and

Cat Stevens.

He began playing bass in local bands at 15 years old, and quickly established a formidable presence -“there were always better guitar players than me, but I was the only bass player who could sing”.  For Tim, singing and particularly harmony singing, has always been the most important part of his playing.

Tim eventually embraced the move from 4 strings to 6-12 strings, to become an integral part of ”70’s Flashback”. His guitar, mandolin & vocal talents continue to highlight each performance. Tim is the ultimate team component! “I love working with everyone in this band!”

Mike Manganelli
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Mike Manganelli: Bass Guitar and Vocals

Mike LOVES the bass. Passionately loves the bass!


Embracing all styles from classic rock, to funk, to jazz, Mike has been adding his four strings to rhythm sections throughout the East Coast since the age of 14. He has rounded out “70’s Flashback” since the beginning, and feels he has finally come full circle, back to the music he grew up with.


His influences include Paul McCartney, Tiran Porter, Dave Hope, Dale Peters, Andy West & more. Mike provides the perfect complement to Dave’s drums. This guy truly enjoys his music!!

Richie Molinaro

Richie Molinaro: Lead Vocals

A veteran rocker & performer’s performer, Richie started his musical career at the age of 7, and had his first nationally released record on Warner Brothers by the age of 17. His early group, “Ognir and the Nite People”, found stages with some of the biggest stars of the late ‘60’s & ‘70’s.


Richie has written & recorded for Roulette Records, and has performed for literally thousands of people, in every type of venue, over the course of his musical career. His high energy performances & vocal talent continue to captivate audiences everywhere!

John Pachence

John Pachence: Keyboards and Vocals


Multi-instrumentalist and vocalist, John Pachence, has been performing professionally since the age of 5.  He performs over 120 dates per year throughout the United States and has worked with many legendary acts including the Beach Boys, Bob Seger, Warren Zevon and Eric Burden.  He is skilled in a dozen musical instruments including piano, guitar, bass, trumpet, mandolin, accordion and mallet percussion. 

John is a published songwriter (Major Bob Music / Warner Music Nashville) and has written songs for many artists including Garth Brooks and Rascal Flatts.  He has also composed original music cues for radio ads, television shows, television commercials and movie soundtracks.  His credits include BMW, Hasbro, Frigidaire, HGTV, A&E and The Discovery Channel.


John has appeared in over 50 nationally aired television commercials, numerous Broadway shows, movies and television specials.  He is a voting member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA, NARAS, NSAI and ASCAP. 


When not performing, John heads the music program at Penn State University’s Abington College in suburban Philadelphia.


John Pachence proudly plays Yamaha and Nord keyboards, Larrivee guitars and D’Addario strings.

Rich Sachse
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Rich “Sach” Sachse: Guitars/Vocals

Sach began performing professionally at the age of 14, and has entertained audiences in hundreds of venues for nearly 40 years through various cover & original projects.


Embracing the road as a fulltime musician, Rich experienced 50 seat clubs to 5,000+ seat halls, while sharing stages with several iconic ‘70’s bands. Throughout the ‘80’s & early ‘90’s, he became a staple of the Philadelphia music scene, Jersey Shore, & mid-Atlantic college circuit – before leaving the road to become a solo artist and backing guitarist, and later partnering to form “70’s Flashback”.


Significant guitar influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Howe & Skunk Baxter, while vocal foundations include Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker & CSN.


His incredibly impactful and soulful vocals transport audiences back in time. With roots from R&B to Progressive Rock, and with an aggressive style & sincere love of music, Sach  combines the energy of both crowd & stage into a powerful experience!

Joelle Witner

Joelle Witner – Lead Vocals

In addition to fronting the premier 70’s experience, Joelle has maintained a successful career as a Vocal coach & dance instructor for nearly 30 years -  somehow also finding the time to own her own Performing Arts studio, and to run a community theatre program which produces several performances throughout the year. She also coordinates annual regional dance/vocal competitions, as a recognized talent judge in 13 states.


Joelle has graced stages throughout the East Coast, from Time Square to International cruise line waters. Her sultry, powerful vocals & unmistakable stage presence propel the music forward, daring the rest of the music to keep pace.


Just a kid herself, Joelle missed the 70’s the first time, but has somehow nailed it the second time around! Total wow!!

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