Rich “Sach” Sachse: Guitars/Vocals

Sach began performing professionally at the age of 14, and has entertained audiences in hundreds of venues for nearly 40 years through various cover & original projects.


Embracing the road as a fulltime musician, Rich experienced 50 seat clubs to 5,000+ seat halls, while sharing stages with several iconic ‘70’s bands. Throughout the ‘80’s & early ‘90’s, he became a staple of the Philadelphia music scene, Jersey Shore, & mid-Atlantic college circuit – before leaving the road to become a solo artist and backing guitarist, and later partnering to form “70’s Flashback”.


Significant guitar influences include Stevie Ray Vaughan, Steve Howe & Skunk Baxter, while vocal foundations include Stevie Wonder, Joe Cocker & CSN.


His incredibly impactful and soulful vocals transport audiences back in time. With roots from R&B to Progressive Rock, and with an aggressive style & sincere love of music, Sach  combines the energy of both crowd & stage into a powerful experience!